ECG Electrodes


Electrodes often have to perform under very strenuous conditions, therefore at our manufacturer, Leonhard Lang, they dedicate their valuable time and attention to the design and construction of electrodes; they carefully select only the finest quality materials and component parts to produce them.

Electrosurgical Units


Skintact® Cool Contact Electrosurgical Neutral Electrodes and Pencils provide the highest degree of safety. These accessories should offer safety and comfort without compromise to both patient and clinician.

Defibrillation Units


Skintact® Easibeat Defibrillation Electrodes and Defibrillation Pads provide the highest degree of safety and at the same time are quick and easy to use.In emergency cases not only the clinician’s skills are required but also reliable ranges of life saving products like defibrillation electrodes. These products must perform dependably, even under adverse conditions as every second may count.

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