ECG Electrodes

Raising the standards of ECG technology.
The best ECG electrodes.

From Php 5.50 / pc

Skintact FS-50 Electrode

Electrosurgical Accessories

Uncompromising surgical safety and comfort.

From Php 80.00 / unit

Skintact FS-50 Electrode

Defibrillation Pads

Highest degree of safety. Top performance. Superior design.

From Php 2,500.00

Skintact FS-50 Electrode

Babyono Infrared Thermometer

Scans absolutely fast while still producing very accurate results.

From Php 4,000.00

Skintact FS-50 Electrode

Personal Protective Equipment

Stay safe and protected from viruses. Fight Covid-19.

Face Masks

Comfortable and breathable. Perfect for everyday protection.

From 450 / box of 50


N95 Respirators

Better protection from viruses and bacteria. Filter out 95% of particles.

Coming Soon


Vinyl Gloves

Keep your hands clean and germ free while maintaining dexterity and control.

From 600 / box of 100