About Us

We have committed ourselves to sourcing innovative products to safeguard Philippines' developing healthcare industry.

Our company, iatree, is the Philippines' exclusive importer and distributor of the renowned European brand Skintact®. For more than three decades, we have committed ourselves to providing outstanding service and innovative quality medical supplies to support the country's developing healthcare industry

iatree mainly offers medical products that are sourced and manufactured from Innsbruck, Austria by Leonhard Lang GmbH. We are currently focused on disposable products used in diagnostic, electrosurgery, and defibrillation procedures. Each of our products are guaranteed to be exceptionally manufactured using Leonhard Lang’s “C-Line” proprietary technology.

As we enter a new decade, we plan to introduce new and exciting products to the further improve the country's healthcare industry.

Our Mission

To contribute to the nation's healthcare industry, we are focusing our efforts on sourcing innovative and quality products from notable companies across the globe. Built on this desire, we made strong partnerships with international manufacturers to supply our products.

Our passion is to provide innovative products for Philippine local industries to push healthcare development forward. In order to facilitate this, we have collaborated with many local distributors that share the same passion as we do. With their help, we are able to to reach many healthcare institutions across the country.

We want to find new ways of solving tomorrow’s medical challenges through the use of technology. With our solid partnership with international manufacturers as well as our collaboration with local distributors, we are are able to provide industry leading healthcare technologies available in the Philippines.


Notable Clients

International Partnership

Leonhard Lang has been one of the key factors for the success of our company. Since our inception in the late 80's, Leonhard Lang has exclusively provided us with outstanding products that were crucial to the development of the country's diagnostic healthcare industry. We're proud to be their trusted exclusive partner and to be able to share their innovations to the local healthcare industry.

Today, with more than 70 countries reached and 140 years of industry experience, Leonhard Lang, is one of the global leaders in electrode manufacturing technology. They have more than a century of quality-focused manufacturing, patented advances in product design, and user-driven research and development. All Skintact® products are manufactured from Leonhard Lang’s global headquarters currently nestled in the Austrian Alps.

Skintact® products are certified according to the International Standards
(ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, EN 46001, GMP(WHO), MDD Annex II, CMDCAS, Annex II MDD)

Product Brands

Brands that push innovation forward.