SKINTACT Easibeat Defibrillation

In emergency cases not only the clinician’s skills are required but also reliable ranges of life saving products like defibrillation electrodes. These products must perform dependably, even under adverse conditions as every second may count.

They must also be user friendly with no compromise to safety. Leonhard Lang’s range of SKINTACT Easibeat Defibrillation Electrodes and Defibrillation Pads provide the highest degree of
safety and at the same time are quick and easy to use.

  • Top performance and reliable adhesion with a long shelf life reached by way of tailored materials and processes.
  • Fast and easy handling resulting from meticulous attention to detail including the option of an out of pouch connection.
  • Safe to use for both patient and operator achieved by superior design and size option for children.

  C-LINE Technology

C-Line stands for “cured on line“. By curing on line Leonhard Lang can deploy materials or properties only where they are needed in a product, bringing you the freshest possible electrodes.

Easibeat Defibrillation Electrodes and Defibrillation Pads are manufactured using Leonhard Lang’s unique C-Line technology. C-Line prevents gel delamination and shrinkage by combining the
manufacture of hydrogel and the defibrillation plate all in one.

C-Line also guarantees you accurate maximum shelf life and significantly reduces cost and ensures the consistent and repeatable quality of all SKINTACT defibrillation products.

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