Electrosurgical Units

  SKINTACT Cool Contact

Maximizing the full potential of advanced electrosurgical units in the market today, not only requires the surgeon’s skills but also a reliable range of active and passive accessories. These accessories should offer safety and comfort without compromise to both patient and clinician.

Leonhard Lang’s range of SKINTACT Cool Contact Electrosurgical Neutral Electrodes and Pencils provide the highest degree of safety.

  C-LINE Technology

SKINTACT Cool Contact Electrosurgical Neutral Electrodes are manufactured using Lang’s unique C-Line technology resulting in low skin contact impedance which ensures the electrode stays as cool as possible during use.

In addition, C-Line prevents gel delimitation and shrinkage. This is achieved by curing the hydrogel on line unlike many conventional manufacturers who produce or buy their hydrogel in rolls first and then manufacture the product.

C-Line combines the manufacture of the hydrogel and the neutral electrode all in one, significantly reducing cost which is why our electrodes are very competitively priced.

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