ECG Electrodes

  Raising the Standards of Electrode Technology

Excellent quality ECG recordings are dependent on three main factors: Good skin preparation, superior quality electrodes, and a continuous unbroken electrical pathway from the skin to the ECG machine.

Electrodes often have to perform under very strenuous conditions, therefore at our manufacturer, Leonhard Lang, they dedicate their valuable time and attention to the design and construction of electrodes; they carefully select only the finest quality materials and component parts to produce them.

Connect with quality.Leonhard Lang GmbH
Uniquely, our manufacturer designs and builds their own machines that are state of the art in manufacturing technology ensuring you quality products that are second to none. Their motto, “Connect with quality”, their goal is to provide consistently reliable ECG electrodes. Their no compromise attitude to quality and variety at very competitive prices, undoubtedly is “Raising the Standards in ECG technology“.

  Introducing C-LINE Technology

C-LINE stands for “cured on line“. By curing on line out manufacturer can deploy materials or properties only where they are needed in a product, bringing you the freshest possible electrodes.

This technology is also easy on the environment as it does not waste resources. The Aqua-Tac electrodes in particular benefit from C-LINE. They are the next generation in hydrogel technology and bring together the instant pickup of signal you demand with the durability, dependability, and quality of trace required for longer procedures. This is achieved by curing the hydrogel on line unlike many conventional manufacturers who produce or buy their hydrogel in rolls first and then manufacture the product. By the time their product is produced a certain degree of gel dry out has already occurred.

C-LINE combines the manufacture of the hydrogel and the electrode all in one, significantly reducing cost which is why our electrodes are very competitively priced and as fresh as can be.

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