Personal Protective Equipment

Essential for the fight against pandemics. Let's beat Covid-19.

Face Masks

Made from high quality non-woven fabric that’s comfortable and breathable, and offers three layers of protection.

Protects against germs, dust, gas, particulate matter, pollen, smog, etc.

Perfect mask when travelling through congested public places like airports, bus terminals, malls, parks, and markets.

Fits adults or children.

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Vinyl Gloves

Made from high-quality non-tearing PVC material.

Stronger than latex while still giving dexterity and control needed to handle tools or equipment.

Powder-free and leaves no residue when used.

Designed to be highly versatile allowing it to be used in numerous applications to protect hands, keeping it clean and germ-free.

Fits securely, highly elastic, and puncture resistant.

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N95 Masks

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